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Every one has experienced fore long feelings about Karma which appears to take to long. There are two very important reasons for this most do not take into account.
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Shared Grounding Mutual Nurturing
Have you ever noticed when two living beings touch foreheads? I can assure you there is a lot going on not be-known to eyes. Like the balance of two magnets that touch, the charge does balance.
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To deny other people their freedom of choice is confirmation that you do not deserve yours. There is a sad epidemic of severe mental illness in the form of prejudice towards others who choose to be together.
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Change how you think changes your life
I talk about physiology being the most powerful force on earth. Physiology is created from our brains, how we think, what we value and are committed to. Every thought we have creates or generates energy. The human mind makes an average four hundred thousand decisions per minute. So given that, we are a hosted variety of energy creation that can result in positive or negative results.
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Studies support that the highest influence on aging is the imbalance of your energy. Sleep deprivation, prolonged stress disorders which are brought about through anxiety or imposed outside influences will age you prematurely if not checked and dealt with relentlessly.
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What are the dynamics of relationships? They are derived from the motivations of why you create them. The balance of relationships comes from just that , give and take. Healthy relationships take effort on both parts or the end is always the same. Dwindled to ashes like a smoldering fire unattended.
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It only takes a second.
Any person can bring about great change for others and them self. A gesture can be the deciding factor in the bringing about of great changes. When faced with the opportunity to give that to others make short order in participating.
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Karma is Karma
We are faced with the dilemma of do what is right or do what appears to be best for us. There will be 1000's of these instances arrive in your life. First they start out to be insignificant and trivial. The real repercussions of what we choose are usually realized much later.
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I have been asked many times ""Just what is Grounding? "" So here is a more elaborate in depth look at what it is that I do when I ground a person.
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Human Energy Transfer Basics
Some still don't believe that energy transfers back and forth between us. To think that way is archaic given the new awareness of quantum energy and its viable future in science, agriculture, health care , etc.
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Indecision or Helplessness
How many times in this life we are faced with indecision or helplessness. Many. Perseverance and the lines of communication with nature alleviates our path.
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Regression Therapy
There are few people who actually understand what regression therapy is. Few whom could explain why its important in becoming a fully functioning person. If you have reoccurring failures in your life. Circles of behavior that leave you wondering. Regression therapy might be your answer.
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Just like in everything, balance is the key to healthy relationships. This balance is achieved through the resulting equality of real friendship.
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There was a television commercial I once took notice of as a child. A bank commercial which I wont name because that would take away from the conveyance of what I am about to say.
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Are you morally soluble
Finding your grounding is realizing what removes your grounding. We go to sleep each night, wondering if we have made the right choices. Moral fiber is what joins us to our souls. Many answer this question without realizing what it actually is.
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The only tragedy in life is Regret
Do not hesitate on the path you know. The result of ignoring this pull is true regret and may amount to the greatest tragedy of your life. When you feel challenged and herded towards a path or goal, do not fight yourself or for the rest of all time you will experience the only emotion no human can ignore.
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The Seven Steps of Grounding Part 0
     There are seven major steps to obtaining and keeping your grounding. I will be posting this and seven other entries that break down each step in detail and direction. To have a good understanding of how our psychological triggers effect our personal energies and personal health. I am posting the chart found in my book from the main site. Keep a copy if you like it.
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How to eat an elephant
Does life and managing it seem to be incredibly large? It is if you are trying to think about all of it all at once.
Break things about your life down to categories and then even further into fragments or parts of each category.
If you can separate each dynamic of your person hood into a separate entity, suddenly life becomes easier.
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Grounding is a feeling not an emotion !
A great confusion exists still about the difference between a feeling or an emotion. Fine line that overlaps near continuously but not completely. What I found most confusing is the actual definitions of these two entities also overlapping in context. My interpretation towards """grounding""" .
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Finding your Grounding
Finding what ungrounded you is the first place to look for what will ground you. Its a matter of elimination, going through in your mind and finding the psychological triggers that invoke your anxieties and fears.
That result in the behavior """cognitive dissonance""" and """ambivalence"""...
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